Woman in Lotus Pose

Cheryl has created a Yoga experience that addresses my goals for physical improvement while always taking into account my abilities and restrictions. Just when I want to increase a factor she'll start the session with "I thought today would be a good day to do more...." That assessment and response comes from being attuned to the needs of your students with the skills and knowledge to meet those needs.

Kim Martin

Image by Zoltan Tasi

For the last two years, my sister and I have looked forward to Monday afternoons when Cheryl comes to my house.  We do a short arm and ab workout, then have an hour long yoga practice.  Cheryl designs various sessions based on our needs and input.  She is one of those people who makes you feel good about yourself.  Cheryl always brings her positive energy and big smile and helps us start the week in the best way possible!  Namaste!

Susan Page

Rooftop Yoga

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